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Thread: Illinois Gulls

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    Default Illinois Gulls

    Bill Rudden posted a shot on ID gallery of this gull. I believe he's asking if it's a California Gull which it doesn't look like as it looks more like a Herring:

    I'm more interested in this one and apologies if this has been discussed already but what is consensus of this one:

    oops reading down thread I see JanJ already replied in ilbirds and jury still out!

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    A question about Bill Ruddens gull was posted in BirdingGulls by himself.
    I made a suggestion there that his gull showed more characters of Herring Gull than California Gull:

    Hello Bill.

    I would keep the questionmark on your gull Bill. Although some big
    male California can have a rather heavy bill with a well developed
    gonys angle, they usually have more parallel edged bill with less
    marked gonydeal angle.
    Moreover, structurally, your gull is imo on the bulky side for the
    avarage California, and with a shorter primary projection. California
    is a short-legged gull - but in your gull the impression is of a
    longer-legged gull, give and take some variation and depending on
    mood and stance.
    In your gull - note the wide reddish orbital ring - which expands
    markedly in front of the eye. This is not a California character,
    which has a red rather narrow, all the way round the eye, orbital
    ring - and most importantly, a dark eye. Only rarely can adult
    California show a pale eye.

    So, which gull is it?

    Cliff & Lisa suggest a Herring x LBBG, but I canīt see anything that
    would not fit a yellowish legged smithsonianus, apart from the
    wingtip pattern - which would have been nice to see!


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    In the recent bird, the orbital ring looks reddish? Which is an additional strike against a Smith Herring Gull. Open wing shots would have been nice, but I think my initial vote would be for California X Herring Gull.

    I photographed an adult bird a few years ago here in Ontario, that I figured would be a good candidate for CAGUxHEGU. A few photos here:

    Happy Gulling


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    Further notes on the gull here:


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