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Thread: Gulls in flight

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    Default Gulls in flight

    Gulls are perhaps more commonly seen in flight than conveniently sitting still showing all their distinguishing features. Identifying them can be a problem.
    Can anyone confirm the identity of the two gulls shown in the thumbnails, both photographed on Oura beach, Algarve, Portugal today.
    Despite its black head I think the first one is a Mediterranean Gull, and the second, without a black head I think is a Black-Headed Gull, but I'm not confident.
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    yes, and nice pics too

    OBC John Peel Awesomeness
    The little things they make me so happy, all I want to do is live by the sea...

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    Med Gulls are present in Algarve in unprecedented numbers at the moment. Just after the storms (which also brought large numbers of Kittiwakes inshore) there was a flock of about 250 at Ria de Alvor (all ages from 1st winter to full adult). Over the past few days some adults have rapidly developed full breeding plumage - stunning birds.


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