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Thread: Devon info needed

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    Default Devon info needed

    I am planning a birdwatching holiday to Devon/Cornwall in May and wonder what birds i can find down there.
    I'm already planning to see Cirl Bunting and Chough. Are there any others i should look out for?


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    Default Cornwall birding.

    Hi there,
    IN Cornwall great seabird watching if you can stay on a headland long enough at the right time to see some super seabirds as well as sea mammals
    or even Basking Sharks monitored by the Seawatch Foundation run by Director Dr Peter Evans who also monitors seabird movements past the tip of the UK there. Also try Bodmin Moor for interesting birds on the moor if you find the right spots like Ring Ousel, Wheatear and passage waders like Dotterel and Golden Plover as well as perhaps Dunlin in breeding plumage.
    Boat trips for naturalists are oftern good but you need a little luck as with visiting estuaries for shorebirds and interesting Gulls or vagrants like Glaucous Gulls and Iceland Gulls which have recently been in good numbers.
    A good idea is to look at Bird Watching magazine round up for Cornwall to get a few tips to see what is around as well as contacting the bird recorder for the area to get in on the birding grapevine.
    Kind regards from sunny Jersey island where I have been watching a Surf Scoter with a Long-tailed Duck which are good friends in front of where I live at La Rocque in the south-eastern tip of the island.Tips of landmasses are often good spots to pick up a few goodies.Nice birding.Bertram in sunny Jersey. A colleague of Nick Ward top south-west birder!

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    Hi Moorve

    Perhaps your best plan would be to get yourself a copy of "Where to Watch Birds in Devon and Cornwall". You can pick up a copy for not very much on Amazon or your local bookshop. This will give you a good idea of interesting sites to visit and what you might find there. I can also recommend the Devon Birding website and the Cornwall Birding website for site guides and daily sightings. Feel free to contact me privately if you want any specific info


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