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    Abergele. N Wales coast. April to September. Then Albufeira.

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    Algarve Otter. I would like to upload a photo of an Otter to Mammals without going via my Bird 'Shots'
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    Do you have a web-hosting site for your photos (Flickr, PBase, Photobucket, etc)?

    If so, these sites will create a unique URL (web code) for your images which you can then "copy & paste" into a post by clicking the picture icon (postcard of mountain with stamp) in the first line of "buttons" immediately above the text box.

    Depending on which site you are using to create your image codes, you might have to add ".jpg" (note that the "." is important) at the end of your URL.

    If you need more help, let me know.

    Interested to see your Otter shots - was this at Parque Ambiental Vilamoura? Gorgeous creatures, absolutely love them - but the fishermen here, especially those with commercial fish farms, do not like them!!


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