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Thread: Kowa TSN 661

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    Default Kowa TSN 661

    Does anyone have any experiance with the above? im looking to buy one and would like to here some thaughts


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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe stockwell View Post
    to here some thaughts

    Or at least to hear some thoughts . . .

    Can't remember what model mine is, if I remember rightly it is one of the precursors to the TSN 661. I've been perfectly happy with it.

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    i have used a flourite angled verson, and i am very impressed with it, personally i use an opticron hr66 ed which is getting on in years, about 10 years, i think, this is a superb scope too and having compared the 2 together the kowas are really impressive, to me between the 661 and 3/4 there were noticeable improvements in image quality, which only showed in low light hope this helps.

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