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Thread: Yellow Wagtails ID

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    Default Yellow Wagtails ID

    Dear Forum Members,

    I would like to ask you for help in determining the subsecies of some Yellow wagtails. You can (easily, I hope) find their photos on my website:
    The site is in Polish, but the birds' names also appear in Latin and English. All of the Wagtails' photos were shot in Serbia.
    I have tried to post photos of the birds in different positions so as to show as many diagnostic characteristics as possible.

    The Northern boundary of the Motacilla flava feldegg runs through Serbia. The other subspecies encountered here is M.f.flava. Yet during the migrations, individuals of other subspecies appear in plenty and the fact of neighbouring with Feldegg and Flava creates a great variety of intermediate forms.
    The most intriguing are the Wagtails which resemble the Scandinavian subspecies M.f.thunbergi, but breed in Serbia (photos of these birds are posted in the section "dark-headed wagtails"). Another interesting aspect for me is the abundance of "Green-headed" wagtails which - as I understand it - an intermediate plumage, but I wasn't able to determine which subspecies they belong to. Enclosed You will find a photo of one such bird. More on my website.

    Maciej Szymanski
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