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    Whilst going through my gull photos from a trip to Goa in Jan, I've noticed several, amongst the barabensis, which appear to show features of cachinnans.

    Attached is a good example - pale/slender billed, dark-ish eyed, pale grey wings and large P10 mirror. On the other hand, it doesn't appear particularly rangy, has a rather large black subterminal mark on upper mandible and has quite small white tips to the primaries.

    Anyone brave enough to call this Caspian Gull?
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    Hi Ross.

    Good question, since some cachinnans are similar to some barabensis, if we put it simply.
    However the gull in question, which appears to be a not fully adult, seems to have a dark tail. Shows characters of both in this image, short bill might suggest otherwise than cachinnans but a short-legged , short-billed female cachinnans can perhaps from this image not be excluded.

    Check some other gulls from Goa - taken Nov. Perhaps a majority of these are barabensis - with some heuglini admixed.

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