We are buying a property with 78 hectares of primary forest in Sarapiqui, near the border with Nicaragua and inside the Maquenque Mixed National Wildlife Reserve. Our main interest is the conservation of the forest, especially because it has a lot of almendro trees (Dipteryx panamensis) which is vital for the survival of the great green macaw (Ara ambiguus). The crazy expansion of the pineapple farms in the Sarapiqui area has caused major damages in the habitats for the birds.

We are offering to sell shares of this land with the condition that the land won't be segregated in the future (in order to ensure connectivity for the birds). The owner of the share will be a co-owner of the land and of the simple ecolodge that we are going to build there.

If you would like more information of our project in Spanish, please visit:
http://www.ecoturismoeduca.com/ceibas.html or send me a message.

Thanks in advance,