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Thread: An interesting gull from California

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    Default An interesting gull from California

    structure doesn't look for Mongolian right?

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    JanJ (or should I call you 'master', given your 'samurai' status?)

    How frequent is a 2nd cycle (3cy) vegae or mongolicus that lacks any grey in the mantle? I have very limited field experience, and did a quick search (here for example, but I suspect there must be some images around that show this.


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    Hello Brian.

    I surely hope you where kind of ironic in the statement you made at first

    I would say - not so frequent, if not retarded individuals, since in the partial moult to second summer (begining of the complete moult to third winter) would have produced at least a few clear grey scapulars in both vegae and mongolicus - as in argenteus/argentatus, perhaps more frequent in argenteus compared to argentatus. Variable is the amount of clear grey adult like scapulars, some not so clear grey but with a variable dark pattern.

    The gull in question probably have some hybrid origin, clearly not a 'typical' or should I dare saying a 'normal 'mongolicus, or vegae.
    However, as anyone who are into gulls should be aware of, and of course are, is the potential huge difficulties in gull identification when gulls like this turns up, especially in a worn state as the Petaluma gull. As Alvaro points out - the shape of the primary tips are kind of intermediate in their appearance between first generation pointed and second generation rounded, but raised wings confirms rounded tips and together with the paler eye (only confirms the non juv/first winter), tertial shape of the tertial tips (squarish) and pattern would suggest a 3cy over 2cy.
    I have no clear suggestion of what the Petaluma gull might be, but those raspberry pink legs are interesting.

    Some here:


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