Urgent request for records and articles for possible inclusion

The third Extremadura Bird Report (Anuario Ornitológico de Extremadura) is in preparation, and all records of observations in the region for 5-year period from 2004 – 2008 inclusive are requested. While published and unpublished trip reports would certainly be welcomed as they are, it would be far preferable if all records could be sent in on a standardised EXCEL spreadsheet (the English version is currently available either from me or at http://www.seocaceres.org/documentos...008English.xls ). Please note that only Spanish and English versions are currently available, but any records in any of the major European languages would of course be welcomed. Please send any records to the avesdeextremadura email address on the SEO-Cáceres website and not me, please!

While the Spanish version ( Ficha Citas Anuario EX 2003-2008 ) requests inclusion of the municipality of the record, given that this is a complex issue and rarely well-shown on maps, where possible please use the closest location name on a decent scale map, or e.g. on Google Earth, and in all cases the name of the nearest town or village.

In order to assess whether records are likely to be of interest or not (though clearly, the final decision will be made by the species’ authors), please consult the most up-to-date list available on the web, accessed by clicking on the only link in the 'Documentos' section shown on www.seocaceres.org

A few new species have been reported since this list was last updated, including e.g. Sabine’s and Ring-billed Gulls, and requests may be made for further details of national and regional rarities (or any species not yet on the list).

Please also feel free to post this request on other websites and forums, since the provisional closing date for records is the end of this month – March '09.

Thank you in advance.