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Thread: Ageing of Bonaparte's Gull

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    Default Ageing of Bonaparte's Gull


    I would be interested in any views of the age of the Glamorgan Bonaparte's Gull. I assumed it was an adult but on looking at close-ups of the photos on Birdguides it appears to have some small black marks on the outer primary coverts and a black streak on what appears to be the outer web of P9. According to Gulls (Olsen and Larsson) these are featues seen in 2w.

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    Certainly looks as if 2nd-win is a possibility, but as usual there are complications. Kalev Rattiste gave a talk at recent gull conference at Peterhead in which he showed photos of Common Gulls with dark markings on their alula/primary coverts. None of these birds were however immatures and all were well into adulthood with one bird something like 20 years old (all birds ringed and of known age). I believe he suggested these markings were fake signs of immaturity, which are useful when attracting a mating partner! Perhaps the same applies to Bonaparte's Gull, and also Black-headed Gull? Second-winter Black-headed Gulls can often be picked out by more orangey legs/bill as well the black primary outer webs (attached), but I also have photos of birds which appear adult in every way except the black primary markings.
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    Old birds trying to look young and virile??

    Sounds just like humans!!

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    Black markings on primary coverts - not nessecarily a sign of immature plumage in gulls, barabensis shows this and some Asian gulls as well. LBBG of known high age can have dark primary covert markings. I had a very good link showing many LBBG's with dark markings on primary coverts. I will try to find it.



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