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Thread: How Technology is changing Bird Photography

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    Default How Technology is changing Bird Photography

    Hi all, I have written a short article on how technology is changing bird photography. It is an opinion piece that I am sure will be quite controversial to some, but is more intended to give another perspective to bird photography then the norm. I hope you enjoy the read. It is at the blog below in my sig.
    Michael Nelson for unique birding tours worldwide for a friendly informal bird photo blog

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    Hi Michael. An interesting article. As you say, it may cause controversy. Any mention of third party lenses doesn't go down well in some quarters.

    I do agree with much of what you say. Many bird photography opportunities are available for only a few seconds and then are gone possibly forever, so the kit we carry should enable us to react quickly. Value for money is also important, now more so than ever, and not everyone can afford to get into the higher spec set-ups.
    I hand-carry a Nikon D80 with a Sigma 150-500 zoom lens with OS, and whilst I would be the first to agree my results are not the best, after a steep learning curve I am now getting some half-respectable photos. If I were starting again I may not buy the same set-up, but if I were to want significantly better results I would have to spend a lot more, and that probably would have been out of the question.
    I do sometimes set up on a tripod under camouflage and wait for things to happen, and both methods have yielded some ineteresting results.

    You have suggested shutter speeds of 1/500 sec. In many circumstances I don't find that fast enough to be totally reliable. I try to find a set-up which will give me at least 1/1000 sec.


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    I have made several attempts to access this, but the link will not open for me.


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    i have just read the blog via the link, here it is again, copied from the web site

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    Interesting read....

    Just for a bit of background as I'm new here!!

    I was into birding from a very young age and pursued that with passion in to my 30's. In 2003 I wanted to start taking some images of birds as well. I had a Leica televid and started digiscoping, but it was a hassle and I did end up going down the 500mm Prime road in the end.

    At that time I stopped being a birder and became a bird-photographer. To take high quality bird images requires time, technique and equipment. I have walked around with a 500/4 over my shoulder many times and know plenty of people who do, but they are out to photograph birds, not to go birding and take shots if the chance allows.

    I agree very much with your article, a light, mid-range zoom (the Canon 400/5.6 springs to mind) can go over your shoulder and allows you to bird all day without spinal surgery!!


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