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Thread: Canon 450D versus Canon 40D

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    Default Canon 450D versus Canon 40D


    I have made my mind up about the lens, I shall endeavour to get a 400mm f5.6.

    I am having difficulty deciding on the camera though. The 450D falls within the price range and is lighter/compact but the 40D at a little bit more seems an attractive option with a stronger body and a faster frame rate per second.

    I wanted to appeal to members of this forum for advice from experience which would be a good choice.


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    hi andrew, without a doubt if you are able to stretch to the price of the eos 40d then go for that.
    Most people i have come across have 40d's and they have been very pleased with the quality of it, it would be nice to hear from anyone on here uses a 450d, i have only used one once, but i did find it very nice to use, but as i have only seen images from 40d i cant comment on the 450d.
    hope this helps.

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    Agree with Michael - no contest, go for the 40D if you can. That body combined with the 400 f/5.6 ha produced some wonderful images (see various posters on BF - I think Roy Churchill is a great fan). Many people are arguing that the 40D is better than its successor, the 50D, for bird photography. And also get the battery grip if you can stretch to it - it improves the balance of the camera on a long lens a great deal.


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