Hi all,

A group of us who visited Michigan - Pelee etc in May 2007 are planning a weeks birding in Cape May this coming September, we will be travelling from Philadelphia with a RV and plan to base ourselves in the Cape May area having a weeks general birding and taking in the spectacle of migration in this area. We do however have some 'target ' species and any site info on the following would be welcome..

Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow / Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow / Seaside Sparrow ... we have read this can be difficult ?, therefore where is the best site to look for these elusive sparrows and what is the best strategy ?

Clapper Rail ..as above site / strategy ?

How likely is Yellow-throated Warbler in mid -late september ?

Is Bicknell's thrush likely ?

Pelagics ?... is there a company / fisherman who could offer 'seabird' trips out of Cape May at this time ?

Cape May - Lewes ferry ...any good for seabirding ? and what species likely mid september ?

Any Great Horned Owl stakeouts in and around Cape May ?

Any information much appreciated and would be a welcome addition to our planning.

thanks in advance.