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Thread: Life or death for this Goldcrest? Please help

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    Exclamation Life or death for this Goldcrest? Please help

    Hello I'm a bird and I flew into a window but I am alive and my wind seems fine but I can't fly more then a foot or two. Help!

    I'm amaryllis in ontario canada

    I'm worried about this little bird. What should I do. So far I have followed internet instructions. I have put it in a shoe box with paper towel and i have checked twice to see if it can fly off. I do not want to leave it for the predators...

    What can I do to help.

    I know nothing of birds.
    I don't even know what it is....
    What does it eat
    is it common here?
    what can I do for it?

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    It is a Golden-crowned Kinglet (closely related to Goldcrest, which is a European bird). Reasonably common in Ontario.

    Food - small insects (not too easy to find, I fear!).

    Most important, let it rest for an hour or so, by which time it may well have recovered enough to get by on its own. Release it into the foliage of a spruce or pine (that is their preferred natural habitat).

    Hope you are successful!

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    Once again I know nothing about them... Um well
    the little one few into the window at one and i let it try and fly at 3 then again at 5 and then again 8ish. No luck.
    Would it eat a meal worm...
    Not sure if i can be finding bugs.
    If it is not better soon I will try and find a place to help the poor dear.

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    Hi, like Michael says, warm dark shoebox is best way for it to recover from the trauma if it's not fatally injured. Trying to feed it may do it more harm at this stage.

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