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Thread: Guadalajara Mexico Birds

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    Default Guadalajara Mexico Birds

    I need some help identifying two birds I saw in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico 4/24/09. They were both in shrubs next to an urban tree-line. The first was about four inches, sparrow like beak, white head with, well, a black cap that came down over its eyes and the back of its head. The bird also had a thin black collar, light breast with a bit of a cinnamon tinge, and a white spot on its wings while perched.

    The second looked a lot like a lesser goldfinch, but pure black hood and back and bright yellow breast. It also had lots of white spots on its back.

    If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it!


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    Both sound like Sporophila seedeaters. The second should be White-collared see:-
    - note that the painting in Sibley (N American guide) shows a male without the black collar.

    For the first see this, also labelled as White-collared

    Brian S
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    Wow, good call! The plates in all my bird books of the white-collared seedeater look nothing like the pictures in the links above - but they are right on. That's a lifer for me!

    After looking through Sibley North America, I've decided the second was, in fact, a lesser goldfinch. I'm used to the adult western, but the adult Texas looks just like the bird I saw. I was a little fooled by the white spots, but the plate shows a lot of white on the back too.

    Thanks for your help!


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