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Thread: Spoonbills nesting near Calais in the Somme estuary now!

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    Thumbs up Spoonbills nesting near Calais in the Somme estuary now!

    Hi there,
    Spoon bills have been nesting in numbers in the Somme estuary near Calais
    not from from Dover in the UK for over a fortnight now and there are some nice shots of them at:-
    In the Loire estuary now Corncrakes are already calling now in the Marais Audubon names after Audubon who grew up here although he was born in Haiti from a navigator from the Loire estuary area wher he grew up to love birdlife and later take his love to America where he assisted Jerseymen declare Independance from George III of Hanover who helped him in the American War of Independance share his love for Jersey and our republicanism! Princeton University in Jersey became the headquaters of the Goldfinch or Pabor followers who wanted freedom from tyrrany and Hanoverians who lacked his love of Goldfinches rather than gold diggers!
    Now on in France a huge Swift movement!
    Kind regards from sunny Jersey isle of spoon bills! Fro people born with silver or goldfinch spoons in their mouths!
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey wherr I am now watching some Dolphins feed in front of the house!

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    Thumbs up Spreading spoon bills set to colonise the UK.

    Hi there,
    Spoonbills should soon colonise the UK in the wake of Egrets according to French specialists who reckon the tardiness for the expansion into the UK is due to the breeding age of adult Spoon bills being a causse for immatures which are surveying the UK at present which in a few years time will start to colonise the UK! In France they are colonising every available suitable wetland at a rate of knots! Now Spoon bill colonies are spread the length and depth of France! Also species like Short-toed Eagle are spreading their range here in the Channel Isles are regularly summer in good numbers in Brittany even turning up in Scilly! Soon Short-toed like booted are set to be seen more regularly in the UK plus other raptors like Pallid Harrier and Red-footed Falcon which breed in Crows nests in France!
    At present 50 plus Pratincoles in Mas d'Agon in the Rhone delta and some in Germany so perhaps a spring record soon in the UK!
    All four breeding Crakes now calling in France so possibility of some in the UK as they seem to be widespread in France.
    Manx Shearwaters returning in good numbers off the coast of Brittany now!
    Anothjer potential ccolonist is Black-crowned Night Heron which are now residentt in the Somme estuary near Calais. I also expect a few Marsh Sandpipers to turn up any day now in the UK as they are returning all accross France now and in Germany.
    Nice birding in sunny Jersey where there is an interesting offshore passage now of seabirds moving north.
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in the sun of an isle of passionate wild beauty! Jersey.

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    Default International Spoonbill Working Group

    Hi there,
    In the Netherlands there is a population of over 6,000 Spoonbills and also overr a thousand in Germany and hundreds in Belgium plus a thousand spend April in the Seine estuary in Normandy as a stopover point every year.
    In over eight sites in France Spoonbills are nesting species includin the Somme estuary at the Marquenterre not far from Calais where Spoonbills are
    now nesting in pine trees where they have nesting for many years now and the young birds from last year are now circulating and ass they don't breed until later than the adults they could turn up in the UK ans start breeding in the UK soon!
    more deetails on the work of the International Working Group on Spoonbills based in the Netherlands but connected with Wetlands International and the WWT.
    More details from the Somme estuary below:-
    Breeding Spoonbill in the Somme Estuary, France in 2008
    Philippe Carruette
    The Eurasian Spoonbill has definitely bred in the Somme Estuary (at the Parc Ornithologique duMarquenterre)since 2000 and probably since 1999, when three breeding pairs were seen and fledglingsheard but not seen. Breeding behaviour has been reported since 1993. The birds occupy a mixed colonywith Cattle Egrets, Night Herons, Little Egrets, Grey Herons and White Storks, numbering in total about250 breeding pairs, in pine trees. The number of breeding pairs has increased as immatures recorded inMay and June duringthe first years ofthe colony reached maturity.The number of pairs of breeding Spoonbills reached 35 in 2008. Birds re-use the site earlier as theybecome older: 14 April 2000, 25 March 2003, 10 March 2007. In 2008, the first two birds arrived on 26February and 56 birds were recorded on 8 March (including 47 adults). First activities at old nestsoccurred on 5 April. This behaviour varies from pair to pair. Some old ones which come back and breedwithout modifying their old nests may not be recorded as was the case for three ofthe six breedingpairsin 2000.The first occurrence of a fledging bird in 2008 was on 12 June (22 May in 2007, 9 June 2006, 4 June in2004, 8 June 2002…) but a three year-old breedingpair was still buildinga nest on 6 June. A minimum of116 fledglings was observed this year, corresponding to a fledging rate of3.3 birds per pair, on a basis of35 pairs. Some nests contained four chicks and only the last one in July gave had broods with a singlechick.Most of the birds are not ringed. Only one Dutch-ringed bird has been breeding for two years. An adultmale from Spain bred three times from in the same nest from 2001 to 2003.Autumn migration of Dutch birds was noted very late this year. On 27 July, when local juveniles andadults mainly departedat the beginning of August, the maximum number was noted at the classical dateof 31 August, when 249 birds were seen. At the beginning of October, 56 birds were still present, but on8 October, 36 fly south.The European Spoonbill has wintered since 1993. During cold spells, birds feed mainly in the estuary, butmost ofthem grow weaker or have to movesouth when cold spells occur in December.A new colony has been established in the south of the estuary in a beech wood for the last three years.The number ofbreedingpairs were about 10 in 2008 (Stéphan Tillo et Charlotte Allard).
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey.

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