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Thread: Win a FREE copy of Life List!

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    Thumbs up Win a FREE copy of Life List!

    We have 10 copies to give away this month. This competition is open to readers worldwide and you have until May 31st to enter.

    Here's how to have a chance to win.

    1. Identify all the birds illustrated in the flash intro on Olivia's home page. You can refresh/reload your browser to replay it as many times as you want.

    2. Send a Private Message to "Admin" with your answer and your name and mailing address. To send a private message, you need to be logged in to our forum. If you haven't already registered for our forum, it's quick, simple and free to do here. The click on the "admin" link to the left above the pipit picture and select "private message"

    Good luck!!

    Life List: A Woman's Quest for the World's Most Amazing Birds

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    anyone know how to pause the flash movie?

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    looks like no one's prepared to share the spoils with you.

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    The ad is also on youtube so you should be able to pause at your leisure. Here's the link.

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    Default Winners announced

    Congratulations to the following winners! A free copy of Life List will be mailed out to you soon:

    Clifford Hawley - CA
    Jackie Cooper - MD
    Casey Tucker - OH
    Geoff Urwin - ID
    Brennan Mulrooney - CA
    Cathy Pasterczyk - NM
    Richard Knapton - Canada
    Rich Lindie - South Africa
    Susan Myers - Australia
    Geoff Upton - England

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