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Thread: RFI - Coot nesting habits

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    I wonder if any of you can help. I have a pair of Coots in my patch that over the last couple of years have failed in all attempts to hatch eggs - basically due to the tidal nature of the water course that they nest in/on. Compared to other nests in the region (London) and I guess, most of their range, the nest is quite typical in size and location (if a little unconventional in the materials used) and in particular the height from the water level. The question in my mind is along the lines of ĎDo coots nest in higher nests, or build higher structuresí. Moorhen (as most of you will know Iím sure) have no compunction in nesting high up on a river bank in the same area.

    Where I am particularly interested in knowing more about their nesting habits, is not in literature that I possess, and Iím wondering if there is any more detail in one of the more comprehensive books (BWP?) etc, and if so is anyone able to share it with me? Indeed, does it exist!?

    Thanks in advance for any info (or not!).

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    Coots will build up their nests higher if flooding occurs, but it is very limited what they can do - I certainly can't see them building up 2 to 4 metres to accomodate a full tidal range (!). I've also never seen them nest any distance from water. I'd guess your best bet would be to rig up a floating raft that they can use, which will stay at a constant level whatever the tide.

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    Unfortunately it seems impossible to "copy & paste" from BWPi - all I get on the clipboard is "Coot".

    Under the brief section on nesting habits it does say that Coot respond to increasing water levels by building up the nest by as much as 45 cm.


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