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Thread: possible Semi-collared Flycatcher (Ficedula semitarquata) in Switzerland

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    Default possible Semi-collared Flycatcher (Ficedula semitarquata) in Switzerland

    I joint you a link with pictures of a strange Flycatcher wich look like a Semi-collared Flycatcher:
    Comment are welcome!

    Fabian Schneider

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    The fact that nobody has replied so far, reflects the reticence many might have in plunging in with an opinion on this very interesting bird.

    Let's examine the features. It is clearly a 2cy (1st-summer) bird, with a moult contrast in the coverts (four old greaters and several median on the right wing) and old remiges; the primary patch is extensive for a bird that has juvenile primaries, extends to or beyond the tip of the longest primary coverts, but is only visible on the outer web of p5; significantly, there are white tips to the new median coverts; the collar is quite broad, but seems to break up and 'ghost' across the hind neck; the tail also has significant areas of white, with a broad white outer web to t6 - and a large amount of white on the outer web of t5 - plus large white areas on the inner webs of t6, t5 and also perhaps on t4; the forehead has an area of white that forms a figure of 8 on its side.

    Though I have limited experience of Semi-collared Flycatcher, I have plenty with Pied and Collared, and this seriously looks like Semi-collared to me. I have just opened the paper in Birding World, by Krister Mild (BW vol.7, no 4, pp139-151) and it has the diagnostic white tips to the median coverts for Semi-collared, plus a typical tail pattern. These are supported by the good amount of white in the wing and the forehead patch.

    I find it hard to think it could be anything else, but there may be the remote chance it is a CollaredxSemi-collared, but I have never heard of such a hybrid, and this suggestion is purely speculative.

    Brian S

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    I would tend to agree with Brian on this one - interesting this 2cy - but the ficedula group is difficult and I donīt trust some of them.

    Some more:


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    An other interesting link of a putative semi-collared flycatcher this year :


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