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    I created a backyard habitat for birds and other wildlife in my backyard. I set up food and water sources. The birds come and go from my feeding station. As would have it I have a backyard shed which I employ as a blind where. I set up my camera, lens on a heavy tripod, and photograph the birds as they come in to the feeding station. I have not been out there for quite some time so I decided today to visit my backyard to see what was coming. To my surprise, a Painted bunting came in to feed and drink as well a bath. We do not seem to get to many Painted Buntings in West Central Florida. This is the first time one has visited my backyard.

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    Hi Richard, I've been admiring some of your photos on the North American galleries. I especially like the Painted Bunting looking down in to the water. Assume you're using a DSLR camera?

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    Awesome photos, thanks for sharing them

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    Great shots, I cannot choose my favourite they are all so amazing!

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