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Thread: Bee-eater movement in the Channel.

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    Default Bee-eater movement in the Channel.

    Hi there,
    In Brittany near La Torche and St Guénolé in the Bay d'Audierne the Bee-eaterss in the colony there are now returning back after a poor year last year
    with not much to feed on fue to the poor weather. Also in Brittany a flock of 35 or so Bee-eaters were seen yesterday migrating north. And at Etretat in northern France Bee-eaters were also contacted yesterday not too far from the UK! So look out now in the UK to see Bee-eaters and other late migrants pouring through here in the Channel including a big passage of waders and the odd Squacco Heron returning plus a movement of raptors with later migrant raptors now turning up here in the Channel includding Honey Buzzard
    and Montagues Harrier which breed in Normandy in reasonable numbers.
    Kind regards from sunny Jersey. Bertram.E.B.BREE in the sun of Jersey isle of passionate wild beauty wherre there are still the odd puffin to be seen now at Plemont headland a magnificent wild beautiful place.

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    Default Bee-eaters moving now!

    Hi there,
    Details of the fifteen pairs of European Bee-eaters at Pointe de la Torche
    in the Baie d'Audierne on the south-western tip of Brittany where thirty or more birds nest every year and nearby on ile de Sein another six birds have just turned up ass they are now doing in Normandy!
    On Ile aux Moutons in Brittany Roseate Terns, Arctic Tern, Common Tern and Sandwich Tern are all back at the breeding colony! On Ile aux Dames a hundred pairs of Roseate Tern usually breed and are monitored on internet webcam funded by the EU LIFE Roseate Tern programme!
    Last year the colony was hit by a roaming Mink which took a huge toll
    in Roseate Tern causing a disastrous year in Brittany for the breeding of
    Roseate Tern. On Ile de la Colombiere near St Jacut it was also a poor year just west of St Malo due to visits from breeding Peregrine Falcons from the nearby colony at Cap Frehel bird reserve where the Peregrine are now wreaking havock! On Jersey large young Peregrine young in the nest on one of the nests! I watched them yesterday and they young are growing fast!
    Kind regards from ssunny Jersey.
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in the sun on a beautiful isle of passionate wild beauty!

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