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Thread: Short-toed Eagles in summering area in northern Brittany!

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    Thumbs up Short-toed Eagles in summering area in northern Brittany!

    Hi there,
    In Brittany in north-western France the Monts d'Arrhee highlands are a summering area of importance for Short-toed Eagles and four species of harriers including Pallid in numbers but at present Montagues are now returning to the site and the first Short-toed Eagle was just seen at:-
    Menez Kador (Botmeur) area. They turn up in Jersey and have been seen in Scilly and summering in Normandy where even a pair of Black-shouldered Kites have summered in the past! Booted also turn up in this area as they breed in big numbers west of Paris in the Foret d'Orient in a site where Osprey also breed in Loiret Departement or equivalent of aa county just west of Paris near Chartres Cathedral where specialists wwho study the Eagles nesting here are based in the tourist shop and travel agents just opposite Chartres Cathedral who can point you in the right direction if you are there
    to find nice birds like many Golden Orioles and Temmincks Stints now turning up as well ass raptors in the form of Red-footed Falcons which breed in Crows nests in France now turning up with the easterly winds!
    Great Reed warblers aare also turning up and near Calais at Romereau 100hectares bird reserve they soon expect the annual 4 pairs of breeding Little Bittern to turn up. It is two hours dirve from the Somme estuary and the
    Marquenterre reserve where a mixed colony of 100 Spoonbills breeding and
    100 pairs of Avocets, Storks in a mixed Colony with breeding Great Egrets,
    Night Herons, Cattle Egrets in a mixed colony of 250 pairs of mixed ardeaidae can be seen not far from Calais plus Kentish Plover, Crane, Melodious Warblers, Bluethroats and many nice birds about two hours drive from the Channel tunnel!
    Nice birding!
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey with a superb easterly wind blowing sure to bring in some Stints, waders, raptors, warblers and perhaps who knows something a little special!

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    I used to pop over from the UK to Calais area regularly for the treats mentioned here - anyone wanting my notes/sites on birding around Calais is welcome to PM me with their email address. Black Woodpecker now breed in the pine clad dunes next to the Channel and Middle-spot has been seen in Crecy Forest which only a few miles inland,


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    Thumbs up Short-toed Eagle near St Malo on wekend.

    Hi there,
    on the weekend of the end of May now it is June at Foret de Villecartier near St Malo and Dol de Bretagne a Short-toed Eagle circling with Honey Buzzards and on the ground Redstarts, Hawfinch and Tree Pipits there. A gret spot.Also in Brittany now Chough with young in Finisterre. In Jersey a Common Rosefinch singing on sunday 31st May 2009 at St Ouens Pond!
    Kind regards from sunny Jersey on 1st June 2009!
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey.

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