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Thread: UK Butterfly numbers plunge to new low

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    Default UK Butterfly numbers plunge to new low

    Butterfly numbers have fallen to a new low, according to data from the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme.


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    Thumbs up Black-veigned Whites emerging in numbers in Guerande now!

    Hi there,
    My colleague Dr Tom Brereton is in contact with us on the French side of the Channel hoping to reintroduce the Black-veigned White to the UK soon and at present masses of them are emerging in Guerande marshes in Brittany where they are present in big numbers still as although France is twice the size of the UK it is less populated with big areas of forest, dunes and marshes and lakes where birds and biodiversity are better off than the UK which has been raped of its forest and hedges as well as much so called waste land which has been badly contaminated by waste including nuclear unseen contamination by radioactive discharges as well as marine contamination of its coastline and seabed by oil exploration to name but one big cause!
    At present in the Rhone delta at Baisse des 500 francs near the Camargue which I tried to buy from 500 Francs, are a Grey Phalarope and a Terek Sandpiper. In the area near Noirmoutier are returning Montagues Harriers and a yellow-billed Tern perhaps an Elegant! In the Loire estuary many Spoonbills young over the past two weeks leaving their nests, Glossy Ibis as in the Camargue and numerous White-winged Black Terns flying north towards the UK. A good number of Nightingales around.And many interesting waders around now everywhere including Curlew Sandpipers! Stunners!
    Kind regards from Painted Lady filled isle of Jersey which have flown from
    as far south as Morocco on evidence of stable isotopes in them checked on the French entomological centres.
    Kind wishes of nice migrant lepidpoptera watching! Bertram.E.B.BREE

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