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Thread: Storm petrel research in Portugal

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    Default Storm petrel research in Portugal

    Hello everyone,

    For anyone into seabirds and adventures, we have just a few places left on our annual research project monitoring the impacts of climate change on the migration strategies of European storm petrels as they head north past the coast of SW Portugal. This is a long-term monitoring project (its our 20th anniversary this year) based at A Rocha bird observatory on the Algarve coast and linked with Cardiff University in the UK.

    Check out the project blog pages for further details of the research, logistics, costs and news from the cliffs:

    Teams 2 and 3 are full, but we have a few spaces available on team 1 (23rd May - 1st June). A £100 student discount is available. Do send me an email if you might be interested...

    Best wishes,

    Rob Thomas (

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    Hello Rob,

    And welcome to Surfbirds Forum! We have met a couple of times in recent years as I am a neighbour of "A Rocha" at Cruzinha (I think the last time was when we bumped into each other at the dunes at Alvor while I was walking my dog early morning - those dunes now no longer exist; see my thread elsewhere on "Legal Vandalism").

    I'm afraid that nocturnal ornithology, or anything to do with small boats, is not my "thing", but I wish you, Renata, Mark, Gui, Colin B, and everyone else involved great success.

    I hope that the weather improves for you - at the moment it is atrocious and certainly the coldest May I can remember here in twenty years.

    Um abraço,


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