So I palyed golf today and was running late because of the discussion that I started in the PLEASE READ post and forgot my camera that I usually take with me when I golf. I knew that I would be sorry as soon as I got there. It was a hot day today of about 90 degrees fahrenheit (about 32 Celcius). I saw a number of Barn Swallows and Purple Martins. Northern Mockingbirds were everywhere, and they were all singing as usual ( they are one of my favorite birds, very happy, always singing or humming to themselves). There was a Red Tailed Hawk that was being divebombed by a Redwinged Blackbird. Had a Roadrunner next to the green, didn't even move when I walked within 5 feet of him. House Finches at a bird feeder along with a Blue Jay, some Eastern Bluebirds and Cardinals. There were a couple of Great Egrets in a few of the water hazards. And what I really missed with my camera was a couple of Green Herons where the male was trying to attract the female and showed some really nice poses.