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Thread: Wading in waders now here in sunny CI.

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    Thumbs up Wading in waders now here in sunny CI.

    Hi there,
    With a flurry recently on the Rhone delta in particular in the Camargue small lagoon of Baisse des 500 Francs where there were Temmincks Stints, Curlew Sand, Wilsons Phalarope, Red-necked Phalarope and I think also Grey Phalarope, Broad-billed Sandpiper, Terek Sandpiper, Spotted Redshanks, Marsh Sandpiper, Whimbrel, and nearby Green Heron and a good number of Pratincoles. In Guernsey in the CI now superb Curlew Sand and Whimbrels
    and a stunning, Purple Hair on, or ardea purpurea at:-
    Also in Jersey a Night jaar taking a pint of insects at the harbour in St Helier wharehouse where it was found and later released in Grouville after a nightime jaar was had by all to celebrate this species breeding in hundreds on the mainland of Normandy about 20 km away!
    In southern France near the Camargue now many Red-necked Night jars are now starting to summer! They now appear on the local ringing list after onw was picked up slightly stunned for one reason or another!
    In Jersey a good passage of Terns and Shearwaters with the strong winds
    in the sunshine we are enjoying. Our tenants are back from Bordeaux in the Aquitaine area in south-eastern France where there is some superb birding at present with 26 degre Celcius sunshine in Bordeaux a lovely city which is very cheap with lovely wines including excellent clarets in the form of Chateau Pichaud a notable Premiere Cote de Blayes near St Emillion which goes on the restaurant tables in Bordeaux for a reasonable amount including the excellent St Emillion Chateau de Rey appelation controlee for a meal in choice restaurant of three courses for a mere 12 Euros!
    Plenty night jaars in the pubs and in the forests nearby.....
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey isle of pasionate wild beauty in full splendour now with Orchids in full bloom on the west coast in Jersey.

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    Thumbs up Lesser Flamingo now in the Camargue wading deep!

    Hi there,
    In the Camargue at le Salin du Caban, Port st Louis du Rhône-13 le 15/05 (M. Thibault/Tour du Valat) a Lesser Flamingo!
    Wading deep!
    As I eroneously mentioned Bordeaux is not in south-eastern France but rather I meant to say south-western France. There is a great spot or two nearby for migrants including the reserve at Le Teich.
    At the Bassin d'Arcachon south where there is a Terek Sandpiper now!
    Also nearby at Pointe du Cap-Ferret a great spot to watch migrants!
    Nearby is the biggest forest in western Europe in Landes area planted in pines a century ago or more prior to that it was a duneland area!
    It is almost a million hectares of forest in one big area exactly 950,000 hectares of pines and it is smelly as there are big paper mills in the area
    and areas are being turned over now to solar energy parks to produce energy on a massive scale from solar power!
    Kind regards,
    Frome sunny Jersey isle of passionate wild beauty of its pristine wide
    diversity of ecosystems including 4 RAMSAR reserves!
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in the windswept sun and frest Atlantic breezes.

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    Thumbs up Wading on Stilts in the Bay of Mont St Michel! Near St Malo.

    Hi there,
    In the Bay of Mont St Michel east of St Malo is a superb area for breeding Shrikes which are usualy in the dol marshes area in good numbers but they are arriving late this year like the Honey Buzzards and many other trans Saharien migrants like the Swifts! The poplars in the Marais de Dol are a stronghold for breeding Golden A**holes or Orifices which are golden!
    I mean Orioles as in 'swartzkopf' in Afrikana or 'oriolus larvatus' which have
    orifices which have blackheads on them!
    The Shrikes will be back soon and in Brittany nearby in the Bay of Mont St Michel it is an exceptional year for breeding Stilts with ten pairs on chicks now in the wetland area where in winter Shore Larks, Lapland Bunting, Twite and Short-eared Owls are present in cold spells much like the Somme esturay wetlands.Also Lambourgini Kountish Plovers are also breeding alongside the Stilts now. In Brittany this summer including in the Briere wetland reserve of Pierre Constant and Sene reserve in Morbihan nearby are hundreds of pairs of Stilts with 250 plus in the Briere alone without mentioning those present nearby with a web site on this area near the Loire delta at:-
    Also other Short-toed Eagles are now arriving in the monts d'Arrhee area in north-western Brittany with two seen together yesterday!
    A great guide to nature in Brittany is ISBN:- 2-84640-063-6
    By Dakota Editions price 12 Euros 80 cents. Well worth getting if you intend a visit to Brittany to look at the natural history. Superb illustrations. Titled 'Balades Nature en Bretagne'. Dakota editions offer a whole series on parts of France for naturalists who want to get to the best hotspots for nature!
    Also my colleague Dr Philippe Dubois wrote 'Where to watch birds in France'
    by Helm in English available from AC Black at:-
    Price 16.99 pounds only a bargain covering 337 top sites for birding in France with maps the essential guide to birding in France. Backed by the LPO which my colleague Dr Philippe Dubois is thier top birder! ISBN 0-7136-6980-2
    Details on French nature reserves at:-
    Les Conservatoires d'Espaces Naturels on the Internet:-
    Kind regards, from sunny Jersey isle of passionate wild beauty. Where Dolphins are passing now offshore near my home!
    Bertram.E.B.Bree in the sun and fresh breeze with a Scaup present in the bird filled bay of St Ouen on the other side of our isle of flowers in full bloom in the sun.

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