Hi everybody

I just signed up here because I need some help.

At the moment I live in Hawaii and there are such a lot of different birds. I just love to observe them. I live in a tall building in the 36th floor and the birds even fly to my balcony.

Because I like them I bought a package of food for wild birds and sometimes I put some of the grains to the balcony and then they come and pick it.

But now my question, I know it's a bit stupid, but I'm really not sure: Back in Switzerland we sometimes feed the birds during the winter when they can't find a lot of nutrition, but in the spring we stop doing this because this food is unhealthy for the babybirds. But here in Hawaii there's always summer, so my question: Do the birds also have their babys in spring? Would it be better if I didn't feed them during the time now?

I hope someone can give me an advise because I really don't want to make something bad to the birds.

Thanks and Aloha!