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Thread: unidentified nester in Dordogne

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    Default unidentified nester in Dordogne

    Hi All - total newbie here. Would love some help identifying. Sadly no photos yet - they are very shy!

    There is a pair of birds nesting in a hole from an old beam in my Summer Kitchen in SW France. M&F look identical (unless they're gay). Black or v dark brown all over with a vibrant longish chestnut red/brown tail. No markings I can see on underside or on wings or head. they are slightly smaller than blackbirds. maybe thrush sized.

    the hole they have chosen is around 5 inches high, 6 inches deep 3 - 4 inches wide. they have filled the bottom half with a nest and snuggle in behind. but as I say very shy - definitely not posing for photos.

    Any thoughts very welcome!

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    Sound like Black Redstarts to me - a very common breeder in France.

    Try here for pics

    Brian S

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    Thanks Brian, sounds like you are right. will try to get a photo next time I'm there!

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