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    digiscoped at beidaihe n.e. china 11th may this year.The left hand bird I've looked at every website that has "hybrid egret"but still confused.
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    Hi Mike

    For me, this is a Little Egret in breeding plumage (hence the pink lores) that has lost its head plumes for some reason. A Chinese Egret would show a stouter yellow bill, plus shaggy head plumes and should show shorter legs. I don't really see any hybrid features in this either.

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    Hi all,
    I would agree with Paul, and think that this is a Little Egret. Interestingly, it appears very similar to a bird flagged by Norman van Swelm in the Netherlands, and one that came to light as having been seen in Turkey near the Greek border, and perhaps it is commoner than we think for the iris to become dark-looking (as it seems in this pic, though the resolution is not as good as could be hoped for to see this feature properly) at the same time as the facial skin blushes pinkish. Even the suggestion of a retained blue-grey area in the centre of the facial skin matches the birds to which I refer above, where that colouration was perhaps even bluer.
    I can't see any suggestion of this being a hybrid with Chinese Egret, Eastern Reef Heron, vagrant Snowy Egret or any other Egretta, due to structure and bare parts matching what can be seen in Little Egret.

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