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Thread: Nikon 8 x 32 SE

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    Default Nikon 8 x 32 SE

    Hi folks

    can anyone give me the heads up on these bins? Are they as good as I've heard? They seem to represent astonishing value for money if they are.

    I realise they are not waterproof but they would certainly do me for birding in the UK in most conditions and as a back up to my 7x42 dialyts, which I have become a bit precious about.

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    Default Nikon 8 x 32

    Either those or the Nikon 8x30 E11 are fantastic little bins. I have used Leica, Swarovski and currently Zeiss FLs and I still love my E11s to bits. They are optically as good but sadly dont have the waterproofing and robustness of the top roof prisms

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