In 1938 a new species of bird was collected by Dr. A Vellard. The bird was mostly black with a small concealled white throat patch and a white belly and featured a stout conical bill that gave its english name.
The bird was not seen again untill 2003 when a group of birdwatchers found the bird at Emas National Park in Brazil. Since then every major birding tour company in the world has taken tourists to this beautifull park to see this and many other Cerrado specialties.
Altough Emas National park is a wonderfull destination, the access to the park is dificult as it is very far from every major town in Brazil, and visits to the park usually require a minimum of 3 nights at the location.
Manakin Tours ( ) is proud to report that on a recent tour organized by us and Birdlife International we found a new site for this nearly mithycal bird just 300 Kilometers from Cuiaba and we are prepared to offer 1 night tours to this site. Allowing this to be combined with any visit to the northern pantanal or Alta Floresta.
This is the third site know for this bird and it is the only other area open for visitation.
The area is soon to be declared an IBA ( important bird area ) by Bidlife International.

For more information on how to visit this location please contact me or visit our website.