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Thread: Oriental Pratincole(s) in 1993

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    Default Oriental Pratincole(s) in 1993

    Looking at the previous records of Oriental Pratincole I see that the sightings in 1993 are recorded by the BBRC as three different birds. Were there any features noted on the birds which pointed to these all relating to different individuals? The previous two records summered and ranged to some extent though not as widely but surely, unless there were obvious plumage differences, the 1993 records must all relate to the same bird?

    1993 Sep 4 to Sep 19 Suffolk, Havergate Island,

    1993 Aug 29 to Aug 30 Sussex, Pevensey Levels,

    1993 May 14 to Aug 17 Norfolk, Gimingham, adult, 14th May to 3rd June, same, Weybourne, 3rd June, Blakeney Point, 4th June, Burnham Norton, 5th to 21st June, 13th July to 13th August, Titchwell and Thornham, 14th to 17th August.

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    Given the travels of this year's pratincoles, I suspect you're right - certainly the dates would suggest this.

    Brian S

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