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Thread: House Martins nesting on a ferry

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    Default House Martins nesting on a ferry

    It was interesting to watch the House Martins behaviour. Some remained onboard under the crossing, while it looked like others stayed near land and waited for the ferry to return, this happens about twice an hour.

    how odd these birds would choose a moving object to nest on each year.

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    There's a long history of House Martins nesting on various ferries in Scandinavia - if you've got the British Birds dvd, there's several notes been published there. I've seen them nesting on the Dragør (Denmark) - Limhamn (Sweden) ferry, so it can take on an international aspect.

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    There is a series of posts on this topic on Yahoo West Palearctic Birds - apparently this is quite common. Amazing that sometimes the parents accompany the ferry and at others they wait at the dockside.


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