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Thread: My Backyard Techniques for a Winning Photograph!

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    Default My Backyard Techniques for a Winning Photograph!

    My Backyard Techniques for a Winning Photograph!
    By Robert Strickland

    I setup a feeding and water station in the back yard next to my shed. It includes four feeders and a birdbath. I use a variety of seeds for the feeders. Most birds favor the Sunflower seeds. However, a variety of seeds will draw in many different species. I also hang out a suet feeder as well. This allows me to take full advantage of the bird situation I have right in my own backyard.

    My backyard is not very large. Approximately a tenth of an acre. I have some trees growing along the fence line, which the birds use for safety. I also have some flowering bushes growing and a Mexican sunflower. The birds use the trees and bushes for a staging area before they come in to grab a seed. Some of the birds such as Northern Cardinal stay on the feeder feeding constantly. Others like the Tufted Titmouse come in quickly grab a seed and high tail for the protection of the trees. Then are ground feeders who just hang around cleaning up the seeds that fall out of the feeders.

    The birdbath is essential because the birds need fresh water everyday. In Citrus County, Florida, it is dry during the winter months, November through April and the birds enjoy a drink as well as a bath. Some birds just come and have a cool refreshing drink, while other prefer to get in the bath a splash up a storm. The Cardinals seem to want to bathe. They come to drink, splash a little and get right in and let their feathers down and soak up the fresh water. The Tufted Titmouse will come in and splash for all its worth and when they are done look like drowned rats.

    I position the feeders and birdbath so there is a good light, a good background and a perfect distance from my shed. My storage shed becomes my blind so that the birds and other wildlife are not alarmed when they come to feed or bathe. Inside the shed, I setup my camera equipment. I sit waiting patiently for birds to come in. At this point patience is a virtue.

    The feeding / watering station and the use of the shed as a blind work very well to allow me the opportunity to capture a variety of backyards birds. It is simple, the birds come for the food and water and I capture them with my camera.

    This is where I captured the Bathing Cardinal that Won first prize in the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Photo contest in the Amateur division for Backyard Habitat. That day the Northern Cardinal came to the birdbath to drink and bathe. After a small drink the cardinal decided to take a bath, splashing water everywhere. Suddenly he just stopped and let all his feathers fall, did not move and soaked up the water letting his down feathers collect water.

    Setting up a feeding / watering station and the use of a blind (shed) as well as plants, bushes and trees allowed me the opportunity to capture a prize-winning photograph.

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    Hi Robert, you have a lot of success with your backyard pool. Love your Painted Bunting here

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    Awesome job !

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    Stunning picture - a worthy winner

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuzzypob View Post
    Stunning picture - a worthy winner
    Couldn't agree more, a stunning shot.

    I'm envious...

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    I was reading the article thinking 'Yeah, yeah ... feeders, trees, birdbath ... all very good but what's so unusual?' ... and then I came to the photo. Awesome job!

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