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Thread: Spotting scope versus binoculars

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    Default Spotting scope versus binoculars

    If you were going to spend up to 500 US on a new pair of binoculars or on a spotting scope for everyday birding which would you choose? I have a rather inexpensive pair of binoculars and focusing quickly is a big issue. The new binoculars or scope would be used for small trips and backyard watching primarily.


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    Hi Dave,

    For $500 US you are not going to get a 'scope with anything other than abysmal optical quality, whereas you could get a reasonable binocular. And, if you are look mainly at "backyard" birding, then I would say that bins would be more useful anyway.

    I have "top end" bins and 'scope and if I had to do away with one it would always be the 'scope; my bins are almost surgically attached to my person!!


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    Default scope or bins

    Hi Dave, Totally agree with Colin your bins are more important than a cheap scope,$500 spent on a scope would be waisted money.About 25 years ago a friend cleaned my scope(he took it apart & did areally good job).I was without my scope for several months,and it definately improved my birding skills having to rely on bins alone.Obviously there are situations where you need a scope but from what you say you don't need a scope yet.When you do you will need to spend at least double your budget to get something worth looking through all the best Dave and enjoy your birding, Ampelinus

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    Default Scopes

    Thanks - sounds like good advice! I was lured by the high magnification but tried a few scopes today and realized they are worthless without a tripod. Much of my birdwatching would be impossible with a tripod so that helps me as well. Maybe down the road I can add one!

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