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Thread: Pays de la Loire birds pdf recommended!

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    Thumbs up Pays de la Loire birds pdf recommended!

    Hiu there,
    A PDF worth downloading on the area of Pays de la Loire the area around the delta of France's longest river near the Atlantic Ocean part of southern Brittany bordering with central western France and the central interior of westernmost France including perhaps the best hotspots for birding in France being the largest country in Western Europe and the biggest exporter of agricultural produce in Europe!
    is the bird part of the website :-
    And at:-

    is the PDF on all the main vertebrates of interest in this part of France which is up to date with contributions by my colleagues who are the leading authorities in this area on natural history here!
    In Normandy at present Bee-eaters at Carolles bird reserve near Granville
    heading towards the UK now at this reserve run by the Groupe Ornithologue Normand who work in tandem with CERCION who are studying dragonflies in Normandy and have a meeting bnext weekend in the Dives estuary near Caen in Normandy with more details on the CERCION website.
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey.Near the French mainland.

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    Thumbs up Black-veined Whites in the Loire area and insects.

    Hi there,
    details of Black-veined Whites in the Loire area being introduced to the UK by Tom Brereton and colleagues at present.
    This website details distribution maps of some of the 40,000 plus species of insects found in France being half of Europes entemofauma or even a little more to be precise.
    Butterflies and dragonflies are abundant in France a key European stronghold and the Loire estuary is a hotspot in Europe for these insects in particular
    where the corridor north from the warm south is of huge importance for the migrations of many key species.
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.Bree in sunny Jersey near the French mainland.

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