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    Default Hi from Amsterdam

    I'm a not just birdlover but more of an animal lover in general. However, over the past ten years I got more and more interested in birding. I am not a ''twitcher''. I just like to hike, enjoy nature and try to identify as many species in my guide possible. (Preferably ending with a cold beer at the end of the day ).
    My love for nature has lead to a few interesting trips amongs which 6 months in Bolivia, Ecuador, Brasil, Peru, Venezuela and later 3 months in Nicaragua, CR and Panama. I have seen many wonderful birds there like; Hoatzin, Resplendent Quetzal, Umbrellabird, Wattled Bellbird, Harpy Eagle, Scarlet Macaw, which got me even more enthousiastic! Many toucans, raptors, tanagers, hummingbirds etc, etc.. But I confess I don't always succeed in identifying 'the little brown jobs'.. ;-)

    Anyway, I guess now the time has come for heading east.. I'd love to finally see Indonesia. So I am now planning a (short) trip to North Sulawesi, the Banda Islands and/or West-Papua.
    I realise I have only 1 month so I need to make some choices. I am thinking of a combination of hiking (Arfak mountains?) and some relaxing/snorkeling.
    In short: that is the reason for me to join this forum: to get more info and - who knows - leave a trip report afterwards (although I'm a little scared of doing that since I'm not a 'professional' like most of you out here..
    I might haunt you for tips but for now, this is my intro..
    Greetings from Amsterdam!
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    Hi Grapevine and welcome to the forum. You'll find lots of trip reports for those regions using the search box here:
    Best, Andy

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