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Thread: Strange bird spotted in London

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    Default Strange bird spotted in London

    Whilst walking through a graveyard in London today i spotted a strange bird which was definitely not a native. Unfortunately I did not take a picture but I can describe it fairly well. It was similar though not identical in size and shape to a blackbird. It had an orange beak again similar to that of a blackbird but it's feathers were white with some black streaks toward the rear of the body. It was hopping between the floor and gravestones searching for food. Does anyone have any idea as to what it was?

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    Years ago we spotted a white blackbird in Holland. They are very rare and it seems some kind of nature trick but they seem to exist. But I canīt be sure off course.

    Did it look like this?

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    sounds like an albino black bird to me, this is quite a common occurance in blackbirds. take a look here if you like

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    It was obviously the ghost of a blackbird.
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