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Thread: Gorges du Verdon near A51 in PACA camping and birding.

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    Thumbs up Gorges du Verdon near A51 in PACA camping and birding.

    Hi there,
    In south-eastern France in PACA north-west of Nice where the weatherr is usually nice most of the year and there are botanical gardens worth a visit is a superb birding area in the Gorges du Verdon high up in the mountains with superb camping sites such as detailed below:-
    Near Brunet where there is a male Spanish Sparrow now in a nest in a superb birding area with Black-headed Bunting singing nearby and near the A51 motorway to AIX EN PROVENCE and M....ille with easy access to the Camargue where at Grenouillet at present a good year for Ibis and Spoonbills with 130 Spoonbill and over 30 Glossy Ibis together now which breed here in good numbers at Scamandre which is a superb bird reserve with new facilities including hides which my colleagues ring the birds in the heronry here with 9
    species of all the breeding herons and egrets in Europe breeding here plus
    Glossy Ibis. In the Reception building wall Hoopoes usualy nest in a hole in the wall and you can get great views of them as they feed their young next to the entrance door in a hole in the wall of the reserve building. Glossy Ibis are doing well here as are the Bee-eaters and many other interestig birds in the lakes nearby like Purple Gallinules and raptors.In the Crau semidesert near
    the superb hotel and restaurant and campsite which is cheap with a great swimming pool at St Martin de Crau is a superb birding area with reserve centre to get visiting permits from at the Ecomusee at St Martin de Crau which is well worth a visit where you can become a member of CEEP and sponsor the bird hide in the Crau in front of the breeding colony of Lesser Kestrels and Rollers plus Great Spotted Cuckoos which parasite Magpies nests plus raptors like thousnads of Black Kites at Entressen nearby, Eleanoras Falcons, Red-footed Falcons, Short-toed Eagles, Booted Eagles, Bonellis Eagles plus Egyptian Vultures and other raptors in the Alpilles and the Gorges du Verdon where there is fresh air wildlife everywhere and a wealth of birdlife.
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.Bree in sunny Jersey awaiting my next trip down to Provence!
    Where the sun never sets quite like Montpellier!

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    Thumbs up Black-headed Buntingsinging in the area near Spanish Sparrows nesting in PACA.

    Hi there,
    Details of a location in PACA near the nesting Spanish Sparrow in the Gorges du Verdon in south-eastern France where there is a male singing Black-headed Bunting holding territory in an area superb for birding and wildlife not far fro Aix-en Provence and close to the Camargue in the Rhone delta where there are now many returning migrants plus summer residents like the dozens of Caspian Terns which arebecoming more numerous now in summer in France
    with 8 or so recentlty in the Somme estuary area including one present now near the Marquenterre where the hundred or so pairs of Avocets had their nests and eggs trampled by roving Wild Boars recently. Spoonbills have done well there in the Somme estuary as well as the Storks and ardeidae in the Heron and Egret colony plus a resident Crane and many interesting migrantsnow turing up here in particular waders. Raptors are also moving now.
    Off north-western France on the Sept Iles a possibility to see many sea mammals, Eiders, 20,000 pairs of Gannets and Auks, Terns, Gulls, Shearwaters,Stormies and other nice birds with trips to the bird reserve now running in a superb old sailing vessel at:-
    Worth a trip to the French mainland now that migrants are everywhere!
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey an isle of passionate beauty surrounded by foaming invigorating emerald and ivory waters bathed by glittering flashes of brilliant dancing light on these pristine seas.

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