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Thread: Rare Bird Alert (RBA) X3 pager review

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    Default Rare Bird Alert (RBA) X3 pager review

    I've put a review of the new RBA X3 pager on my blog.


    All the best,

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    Default X3 Pager comments

    Thanks for your review Graham, much appreciated

    Agree with what you say

    No need to repeat your detailed blog


    1 Able to buy pager at a good price
    Full price of pager is dear just think what mobile phones etc are available for the full cost (OK the pager is a specialised product and not mass produced like mobiles)
    2 I can change the areas I receive local news from at will

    A unread messages
    there is no user setup option
    - default - messages deemed unread unless you read all of the message
    - customise - messages deemed read if scrolling down
    B changing battery problem

    I never subscribed to the old full service and normally only chase Norfolk / Suffolk birds and some rarities. Thus have Gold Service with X3. Was tempted to pay a little more for full Platinum Service but mega alerts and national messages not vital to me. Less messages and thus battery usage on Gold Service but still get rarities and local news for where I want.

    As with 21a keeping pager on silent saves the battery.

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