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Thread: Posting Audio on the forum

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    Default Posting Audio on the forum

    I have been trying to find a way to post bird calls on the forum so that I can get help IDing them. I see Phased posted one on his thread and was wondering what I needed to do to do the same. Also, I am using my phone to capture the call. The file is actually an xxx.amr whatever that is.
    Thanks for your help,


    DDolan New Birder

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    Never heard of .amr files. See if you can find a way of converting it to .wav or .ogg

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    hi dave, what is the make and model of your phone? Can you sync it with windows media, if so you should be able to convert to mp3

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    Hi Dave, not familiar with .amr files, however, there is a way to convert them to mp3 or wav which will be a format that most readers on this forum would be able to listen to. Here's the link to convert files.
    Best, Andy

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