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Thread: Herons, Heronry, Kildeer and a Kingfisher

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    Default Herons, Heronry, Kildeer and a Kingfisher

    I have just returned from two weeks of holidaying in Quebec and Southern Ontario. There were pleasant surprises at every corner.

    In Quebec, just near Quebec City, came across a wetland with quite a few Blue Herons

    Stopped in at a parking lot in a shopping center near Cambridge, and was greeted by this cute pair

    On Tuesday I took an 8hr (28km) canoe trip in the Minesing Swamp. There were literally dozens of Black Crowned Herons in an area known as the Heronry. In this one tree, there were nine of the birds !

    And then to top it all off, I was down in Stratford yesterday, and at a little wetland at the end of the lake, I came across this Green Heron

    All finished off with a graceful fly-past by a Black Belted Kingfisher

    Sure beats sitting in the office !
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    Gosh, you had a lucky streak there

    Love the green heron and the Kingfisher, just wow!

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