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Thread: Horn of Africa expedition

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    Default Horn of Africa expedition

    Hi, I am a newby also on the forum, I hope I am not doing stupid things to fast.

    Celebrating the recently published "Horn of Africa" guidebook, we are planning a a extended tour (January, 2011) covernig Yemen, Socotra, Djibouti, Somaliland and Ethiopia. The goal is to see all the safely available endemics and to make further exploration. This is not a commercial tour, everything is cost-shared and self-payed. I had been to everywhere there but Somaliland. All the ground toperators are top-notch, whose serving all the birding tours as well.
    For more please visit my page:
    Please drop me a line in case you are interested in!
    Sincerest regards,

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    As one of the artists on the 'Horn of Africa' book, I wish you well. I am interested, but just how safe do you think it will be in Somaliland?

    Brian S

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    Default somaliland safety

    Dear Brian,

    Thanks a lot for contacting, I am thrilled to get your question and warmest congratulation for that superb book!!!
    As about safety: I have a very reliable contact in Hargheisa, Abdi Jama, who worked for NG Chanel. He is somalian from Ogaden who lived and worked in the States and some years ago returned back to the horn to live. He made great films about Shoebills and others for NG. So, he would be our local operator and he says that the country is just as safe in general like eg. Ethiopia. Which is safe enough, but of course locally there are always problems too. Governments usually automatically close any risky areas. So the same in Somlaliland. Abdi is updated continously so we should be fine. I have two small kids, so definitely I don't want to take any risk, we will go to places which are "safe" by those African standards. I can say that Budapest or London are more dangerous in some districts, for sure.
    Of course we also always need luck.

    Sincerest regards, Lajos

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