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Thread: New breeding bird of south-east France atlas out in October 2009!

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    Thumbs up New breeding bird of south-east France atlas out in October 2009!

    Hi there,
    In October 2009 the first atlas of breeding birds of south-eastern France
    or PACA will be out in October 2009.
    For more details online of the birds in PACA or Provence Alpes Cotes d'Azur
    look at:-
    Kind regards,
    Also look at :-
    Editions Parthenope for new birding books coming out plus the most comprehensive book on all the bats in France due out soon with special offer including new species just described new to science my coleagues have DNA analysed in France making 53 species of bat in Europe with the bulk in France
    which the German guide just out on the bat species of Europe is now superceded by the French book coming out soon as the German publicatioon now available in English is already out of date! I recommend the French publication when it comes out soon by my colleagues who work with Christian
    who runs the French bird ringing scheme the CRBPO with his bat colleagues including my contacts at the GMB in Brittany which I am involved with.
    Best wishes,
    Bertram.E.B.Bree in sunny Jersey.

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    Thumbs up Slendre-billed Gulls good breeding year near Toulon in new reserve!

    Hi there,
    In the Salins d'Hyeres near Toulon in south-eastern France the breeding Slender-billed Gulls have had such a good breeding year in the new reserve not far from the Camargue where they have had a poor time recently due to disturbance and low water levels, that good numbers of young have been able to be colour ringed.
    More details at:-
    including latest birding news in French for south eastern France noting sizeable numbers of Pallid Swifts now!
    Les Salins d’Hyères.

    Sur le marais du Redon :

    A poor year for Stilts with just two pairs still with young but many Black-headed Gulls bred successfully there.

    les Pesquiers :

    Most Terns have young which have just flown notably Little Terns did well
    as did Common Terns this summer.
    A few Avocets are still with young like the Stilts.
    About a dozen Kentish Plover families are still doing well despite a poor year for the species.
    Shelducks are soon to leave the site with their young.
    Slender-billed Gulls were colour ringed on Tuesday 21 July, with 82 young were ringed at les Salins des Pesquiers. Nicolas Sadoul and Christophe Pin from the Marais du Vigueirat (Arles) and with help from the LPO PACA, from Toulon Provence Méditerranée and the Parc National de Port-Cros . Colour rings were placed on the 82 young ringed! A good year here where there is a new colony after too much disturbance in the site near Plage d'Arles in the Camargue with low water levels there!

    Sur les Vieux Salins d’Hyères:

    Avocets ddid well this year here with many young and are now dispersing.
    Stilts did well also and can be seen in the part of the reserve open to the public.
    A colony of 52 nests of Bee-eaters are also doing well in the reserve. It is a much better year for the species than last year although there were more pairs here on the reserve in May which seem to have dispersed unable to find the right conditions for breeding.
    Kind regards from sunny Jersey.
    Birdman.P.Breen in sunny Jersey with waders everywhere now arriving daily
    in good numbers in our RAMSAR reserve in Grouville Bay!

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    Thumbs up LPO bookshop selling Provence birding book on October 22!

    Hi there,
    On October 22nd the LPO or Bird Life International's partner in France
    will sell the new book on Provences 200 plus breeding bird species.
    One of the top spots to do birding is the Marais de Viguerat near
    Mas Thibert just south of Arles near St Martin de Crau which is a superb reserve with 300 or so species of birds in it!
    Run in association with the Conservatoire du Littoral the Marais du
    Viguerat has an interesting website partly in English!
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey.

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    Thumbs up My copy of the breeding birds of Provence Alpes c'Otes d'Azur has arrived!

    Hi there,
    My copy of this superb atlas of the 245 species of birds of the 275 species of birds which breed every year in metropolitan France in this area of south eastern France in an area of 31,400 kilometres square the colour photography is superb and over 670,000 breeding records are compiled
    to produce a stunning atlas of the breeding birds of sout-eastern France
    for only 45.00 Euros!
    At Amazon in France you can book this superb publication ordering ISBN :-
    Produced by Delachaux et Niestle of La Martiniere Group at:-
    The Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux PACA or LPO PACA have done a superb job in producing this atlas!
    'L'Atlas des oiseaux nicheurs de Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur'
    and backed by LPO PACA, FEDER, DREAL PACA, Conseil General du Var,
    Conseil General des Alpes-de-haute-Provence, Le centre de recherche de la Tour du Valat, de la Fondation Albert II de Monaco, and de la Fondation Nature et Decouvertes.
    I have enjoyed telling SAS la Princesse Caroline de Monaco et SAS la Princesse Stephanie de Monaco about the work to promote south-eastern France for its 245 breeding species of birds of the 275 species of birds breeding in France which maake ssouth -eastern France a hotspot for breeding birds in France the biggest country in western Europe!
    SAS le Prince Albert has become quite keen to promote the work of some of Europes best naturalists in south-eastern France to the people he comes in contact with! Please try to let other birds know also the gem of a birding breeding area the south-eastern tip of France is for some of Europes most emblematic breeding species of birds like the Lamergiers SAS Prince Albert has taken to and the Hoopoes SAS Princess Caroline has enjoyed seeing in her garden she had at St Remy de Provence. I also enjoyed holding hands
    with SAS la Princess Stephanie and watching the sunsets washed with flocks of Greater roseus Flamingoes trailing their way to roost in the evening summer sun at Plage d'Arles!
    Kind regards romantically yours to share my passion for PACA and its breeding birds!
    Bertram.E.B.Bree in now sunny Jersey.

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