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Thread: Swarovski DCA adaptor plus DSLR camera

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    Question Swarovski DCA adaptor plus DSLR camera

    I want to upgrade to DSLR digiscoping using my existing Swarovski DCA adaptor. Is this robust enough to link up a Canon 40D plus fixed 50mm 1.8 lens? The Swarovski literature seems to say it's ok but I'd like some advice, please befor buying new camera and lens. Many thanks in advance. Keith

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    Hi Keith and welcome to the forum. I recently had a similar dilemma too. I have a Kowa and a Pentax K20D and didn't really want to fork out the $500 for the Kowa DSLR adaptor if I didn't have to. I found the 55mm ring and existing digiscoping adaptor do the job just fine. Is your scope straight or angled? As I think they would make a difference to how easy it will be.

    Check out this thread with some other forum commenters. At the end of the thread is a photo of my set-up. I am able to steady the camera and scope with one hand and focus with the other hand. I have a sturdy Manfrotto tripod. The K20D has "live" view which is helpful as many DSLRs do not. Not sure what the Canon has and whether that is important to you. We bought the Pentax to take better photos of our newborn, so digiscoping was an afterthought but it didn't hurt that the master of DSLR digiscoping was using the K20D! I'm still practicing but encouraged by the results so far after just 3 outings with the camera and scope.

    This Italian website (use google translate if you need to) to be a wealth of information. There are lots of photos of different set-ups and even a pic of the Canon/Swarovski combo you are considering although this uses a Swarovski DSLR adaptor. But there are other photos of the regular digiscoping addaptor set-up.

    Have fun with it and please post your results and experiences (good or bad) here as I'm sure others might be considering the same thing.

    Best, Andy

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    Hi Andy, many thanks for your reply and advice. It's amazing how much info. is around on this topic. I'll press on! Best wishes, Keith

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