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Thread: Cornish wagtail

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    Default Cornish wagtail

    I came across these images of a flava wagtail in Cornwall in May 2008 -

    It was thought to be a 'dombrowskii' (intergrade between feldegg and flava), but I also wondered if it might be an intergrade between flava and iberiae, as described by Dubois on the Atlantic French coast (I don't have the reference for this to hand) or even flava and cinereocapilla (Schweizer 'Hybridisation between Blue-headed and Ashy-headed Wagtails', Dutch Birding 27(4)235-241, 2005).

    Brian S

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    Are you refering to this Brian?

    In which case it would mean the 'Channel Wagtail' and further would mean that the YW's depicted in the Cornwall Birding site would have less to do with so called Channel Wagtials. Forgive me if it appears that I take you to be a fool, which I of course do not!


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