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Thread: Barnacle Goose at Minsmere!! 14-08-09

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    Hi every one,

    Guess you all still hookup with this thing. It's been a while, I was very busy working for six weeks,and exercised in the evening. I have now got all this week off.

    For the past weeks, I have enjoyed reading interesting posts, rather than posting one. Well as i successfully enjoyed the trip with Chris my sister in-law, who kindly offered to drive me to minsmere. sit back and relax.
    We headed off in an unusual fashion not very early. The drive was not straight forward as we thought we were lost, but then we where ok and arrived at Minsmere just before 2pm. It was my first proper birding in the UK, I mean i got my self a pair of Viking binocular, 8 x 30 not too bad for my sharp eyes. After a short shopping, we where off first stop was at a hide, not too productive still i saw my favorite Lapwing, Black-Tailed Godwit, Mallard, Common Sandpiper and some distant waders. From here on we decided to get to another hide for a much closer and better view and this turn out to be very productive as Birds turns out in abundance. Before reaching the best hide, i had a glimpse view of a bird over the tall reeds and after a good look this turn out to be Barnacle Goose, then another goose follow Greylag both lifer for me . All and all i had 11 species to my UK list, quite satisfying for a half day birding. Other birds seen include Ringed Plover,Green Shank, Red Shank and Dunlin. A birder sitting next to me in one of the east hide borrow my field guide hand book for ID check this he confirm was definitely Green Sandpiper after i get a very good view through his telescope.My first sighting for this species was in the Gambia were is very rear a vagrant.May be some dozen of Teal, 3 to 4 Avocet feeding in the mud. The only bird of prey we saw was a single Marsh Harrier. I have also seen House and Sand Martin and Barn Swallow. It was a very successful trip and i have seen over 30 different species and have not done the Woodland and Scrub areas.There was a sighting of Red Kite early in the month. Although I was unfortunate to see one. Guess i must be very lucky, as we headed back to Ipswich via a fishchip shop I cant wait for my next trip. I still will love to see Red Kite?

    Thanks to you all for being so informative.
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