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Thread: 4th Eilat Birds festival - March 2010

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    Default 4th Eilat Birds festival - March 2010

    The festival is a weeklong event that includes day and night birding tours to all the best sites in southern Israel, many bird related activities, presentations, talks and more. The 4th Eilat festival is scheduled for the 18th - 25th March 2010.

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    Thumbs up International Birding Centre in Israel in the Jordan Valley.

    Hi there,
    In Israel in the Jordan Valley near Lake Gallilee but a little south of it on the border with Jordan is the International Birding Centre at Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin near Beit Shaan where I have been ringing with the Middle Easts top bird ringer my ringing partner Kobi Meyrom who rings huge numbers of rare birds here where you can stay to see the ringing using the Kibbutz swimming pool and tourist facilities including top birding tours wwith 100,000,000 birds migrating through every year in roughly 20 square kilometres with 17 species of birds of prey including Imperial Eagle and Lesser Spotted Eagle with an osprey ringed when I was there last which got trapped in netting over the fish ponds which get filled with hundreds of thousands of Storks and Pelicans plus many wildfowl including Marbled Teal and Ferruginous Ducks and of course huge numbers of passage birds like rare waders, Gulls including Armenian and Pallas Gulls plus good passages of White-winged Black Terns
    and many rare reed bed birds like big numbers of Clamorous Reed Warblers and Basra Reed Warblers which we ring plus good numbers of Cretzhmars Buntings and collosal numbers of Ortolan Buntings netted each morning with a few hundred alone one morning with a few hundred Red-throated Pipits in the nets at the same time and Eastern Orphean Warblers, big numberrs of Oliveaceous Warblers and in the surrounding fields rare waders like Spur winged Plovers whicch I enjoy ringing and examining their spurs on their wings.Tens of thousands of Cranes gatherr and Dead Sea Sparrows nest near rare herons and egrets with Pygmy Cormorants and Bee-eaters of various species.More details at:-
    Worth a visit this autumn ass a top spot for birding in the Middle East!
    We had Collared Flycatcherrs on the knickers on the washing line thee plus Red-rumped Swallows nesting in front of the accomodation and Syrian Woodpeckers feeding on the trees surrounding the front door of the accomodation there on the Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin with good food and posibility of guided birding tours using the Kibbutz as a base.
    A good area for historical tours includding into Jordan!
    Great facilities for tourists here.
    More at:-
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey.
    Shalom.El beit jamil. Tov!

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