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Thread: Bird and flora/fauna guides seychelles

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    Default Bird and flora/fauna guides seychelles

    Can anyone please recommend good guides (ie people, not books) in the Seychelles for birds and all round plant, insect, reptile, fauna knowledge? We are due to go end Sept-beg Oct, visiting Praslin, La Digue, Mahe. Going for birds, diving, and hopefully to chill.

    How much will we be able to find/see/identify on our own? So far, enquiries have only led to tourist trips to have walk round islands followed by bbq on beach with a boat load of others, not our thing really.

    Can anyone recommend the best birdbooks for the Seychelles please?

    Hope you knowledgeable guys out there can help.
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    Hello Louis, and welcome to Surfbirds Forum.

    I did a quick "Google" (Seychelles Nature Guides) and came up with loads of stuff on actual guides and lterature - this looks promising:

    Good luck and have a nice trip,


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    Hi Louis
    I have been to the Seychelles twice in the last 3 years, and can dig all the gen you need. Send me your e mail address and I will pass it all on. Most of the birding can be done independently and most of the endemics are fairly straight forward to find. The two difficult birds are the Scops owl and the White eye, we used a chap called Lyndsey Chong who took us straight to the birds.
    Whe are you going? I would say that you should be able to connect with all the endemics in 4-5 days. I would also reccommend a few days at least on Bird Island it is fantastic
    Cheers for now

    Jon Burrell

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